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Dielectric analyzer (TA INSTRUMENTS - DEA 2970)

The TA 2970 (DEA) is a dielectric analysis instrument used to measure the electrical properties of a material as a function of time, temperature, and frequency.
The sample is placed between two gold electrodes, then a sinusoidal voltage is applied, creating an alternating electric field. This produces polarization in the sample, which oscillates at the same frequency as the electric field, but has a phase angle shift. Due to current and phase angle shift measurements, this appliance characterizes the capacitive nature (ability to store electric charge) and conductive nature (ability to transfer electric charge) of the material. These two elements are used to calculate Permittivity (proportional to capacitance and measures the alignment of dipoles) and Loss factor (proportional to conductance and represents the energy required to align dipoles and move ions).

The DEA can be used to characterize molecular relaxations and monitor the flow and cure of resins. This information allows to identify and correlate chemical structure, processing parameters, and end-use performance.

Dielectric analyzer (TA INSTRUMENTS - DEA 2970)