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Improvement of the adhesion of silicone elastomer/metal assembly and durability

GRARD Anthony Durability & Functional materials - Interfaces/Interphases: Ageing and Adaptability (IIAA)

Beginning: October 2016

PERRIN François-Xavier, BELEC Lénaïk, SOSSON Franck (SMAC)


The goal of the PhD is to improve adhesion properties of silicone elastomer/metal assembly used in vibration and shock damping systems. To achieve this, the metal surface is coated with organosilanes. We focus ourselves on the optimization of organosilanes treatment and the characterization of interfaces/interphases. Once done, aging tests will be used in order to study degradation mechanisms in such assembly.

Laboratoire MAPIEM (EA 4323) - http://mapiem.univ-tln.fr/Improvement-of-the-adhesion-of-silicone-elastomer-metal-assembly-and-durability.html - mapiem@univ-tln.fr