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Hydrolyzable silicone elastomers : new approach of antifouling coatings

GEVAUX Laure Biofilms & Antifouling - Antifouling Surfaces (AFS)

Beginning: October 2016

Supervisors: MARGAILLAN André, BRESSY Christine, LEJARS Marlène


Any surface immersed in seawater is rapidly colonized by marine fouling (bacteria, algae, mollusks). This colonization has serious impacts, especially for the marine industry, such as biocorrosion, increased hydrodynamic drag and therefore fuel consumption, and transport of invasive species.
Antifouling coatings can be used to prevent immersed surfaces from fouling colonization. There are currently on the market two types of coatings:

The solution considered in this PhD thesis is an antifouling coating based on hydrolyzable silicone elastomers. This coating is a hybrid system between FRC and SPC since it combines:

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