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Control of epibiosis on mediterranean seaweeds: Role of exometabolome and associated bacterial communities

PAIX Benoît Biofilms & Antifouling - Microbial & Chemical Ecology of marine Biofilms (MCEB)

Beginning: November 2016

Supervisor: CULIOLI Gérald
Co-supervisor: BRIAND Jean-François

Goal: With this PhD project, we are studying the control of epibacterial communities at the surface of the Mediterranean seaweed T. atomaria, combining in situ and laboratory studies. To achieve this, an original approach is used, coupling metabolomic and metagenomic analysis.
Ultimately, understanding these diverse mechanisms is expected to consider new antifouling strategies for the protection of artificial surfaces immersed in the marine environment.

Methods: Cytometry, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Epifluorescence Microscopy, Metagenomics, Metabolomics, Bacterial Isolation, MiSeq, Quantitative RT-PCR, Bioassays, Mesocosm, NMR Metabolomics

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