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Polymer Materials with Controlled Architecture (Axis 1)

Head: Pr Hugues BRISSET

Polymer materials with controlled architecture (block polymers, graft polymers , molecular or ionic imprinted polymers) synthesized in the laboratory are dedicated to be incorporated in marine antifouling coatings or used for extraction and detection of micro-pollutants. Their development involves the design and synthesis of functional monomers, and the control of their (co)polymerization through conventional or reversible deactivation radical polymerization. The control of the biofilm adhesion on coatings or antifouling surfaces relies on the control of their surface and mass properties, and is evaluated both in vitro and by in situ immersion. The imprinted polymers are characterized by their properties of specific recognition. The study of the structure/properties relationships is important to define and refine the key parameters for the optimization of synthetic routes. Recently, redox properties were introduced to antifouling polymers to increase the control of marine biofilms settlement, and in the case of imprinted polymers to get a detection function in addition to recognition properties.

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