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Biofouling & Marine Natural Products (Axis 2)

Head: Pr Jean-Fran├žois CHAILAN

The design of environmentally friendly antifouling coatings and the development of hydrodynamic drag reduction systems, which represents the main objectives of the laboratory, require the study and control of marine biofilms.
For this purpose, in vitro models of biofilms from adhesion pioneer bacteria strains were developed. They enable the evaluation of the efficiency of molecules isolated in the laboratory from marine organisms, and synthetic analogs. Besides, these models are used to better understand the phenomena of bioadhesion and thus to evaluate and optimize the efficiency of materials with controlled architectures designed in the laboratory. Finally, surfaces are immersed in situ to validate these systems in real conditions. For this, an approach was developed to study the in vitro/in situ correlations, and also the biofilm/macrofouling relationships.

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