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Electroactive polyacrylates bearing linear conjugated systems based on EDOT moieties

Publication Focus

Faye, D.; Duong, T. H.; Vieitez, I.; Gohier, F.; Brisset, H.; Frère, P.; Briand, J.-F.; Leriche, P.; Bressy, C. Electroactive Polyacrylates Bearing Linear Conjugated Systems Based on EDOT Moieties. Polymer 2017, 117, 17–24

Abstract :

New polyacrylates bearing an electropolymerizable bi or terthiophene group have been synthesized via classical radical polymerization and via RAFT process. Polymerizations can be controlled if thiophene moieties have protected a positions; otherwise polymerization is difficult or impossible. Cross-linked polymers can be obtained after film electropolymerizations on different electrodes (gold, carbon and platinum).

Keywords :

RAFT process, Acrylate polymerization, Electropolymerization of EDOT

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