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Matériaux Polymères Interfaces Environnement Marin

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Quality & Safety management

Our continuous improvement approach (quality management) was initiated in 2013.

The aim is to formalize and memorize our laboratory practices, and improve our organization.

It relies on the principles of ISO9001 & FD X50-550 standards, as well as on the feedback of other laboratories which have also initiated such continuous improvement approaches.

Processes Map

Our activities are organized in several processes (management, core, support processes).

Examples of concrete outputs

Equipments management

  • operating instructions
  • operators training
  • technical maintenance monitoring

Health, Safety, Environment

  • online stock survey of chemicals
  • dematerialization of safety data sheets
  • professional risks assessment
  • health & safety booklet

Documents management

  • computerized documents management


  • new website
Quality & Safety management