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Study of interphases in self-repairing coatings based on lamellar nano-pigments

DO Thuy Linh Durability & Functional materials - Anticorrosion Systems (ACS)

Beginning: October 2019

Supervisors: PERRIN François-Xavier, BELEC Lenaïk, ARAGON Emmanuel


The aim of the thesis is to replace the chromate-based pigments that are widely used in coating corrosion protection systems. These compounds, which are carcinogenic, reprotoxic and mutagenic, have been banned for several years, but some industrial sectors have derogations to continue to use them because no alternative solution as efficient as chromates has yet emerged despite the numerous research projects already conducted. The ecological, regulatory and economic issues related to this subject are therefore considerable. In this work, the objective is to develop new non-toxic smart nanostructured pigments by aqueous phase processes. Once prepared, these pigments will be incorporated into polymeric binders and applied to ferrous substrates to characterize their protective properties. The interphases between the active pigments and the polymer binder will be notably carefully investigated.

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