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Elora VEDIE will compete at the semi-final of "My PhD in 180s" in Paris

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The adventure continues for Elora Védie!

PhD student at MAPIEM lab, Elora VEDIE is qualified for the national semi-final of the "My PhD in 180 seconds" competition by winning the jury’s first prize on Friday March 15th. She is ahead of 27 other candidates from the universities of Aix-Marseille, Avignon and Toulon.

Elora had brilliantly won the Toulon edition of MT180s by taking first prize from the jury and the public’s prize at the "La Recherche fait son show" event.

She will compete for the national semi-final which will be held in Paris on April 4-5-6, 2019, along with 55 other PhD students from other French universities.

Laboratoire MAPIEM (UR 4323) - https://mapiem.univ-tln.fr/Elora-VEDIE-will-compete-at-the-semi-final-of-My-PhD-in-180s-in-Paris.html - mapiem@univ-tln.fr