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Internal protection from steel tank corrosion with sustainable and innovative coating adapted for cathodic protection with impressed current

NANCEY Pierre-Marie Durability & Functional materials - Anticorrosion Systems (ACS) & Interfaces/Interphases: Ageing and Adaptability (IIAA) &ERIPOLE

Beginning: January 2022

Supervisors: PERRIN Fran├žois-Xavier, ARAGON Emmanuel


The different geometry of hot water tank, sand filter or water treatment facility and the variation of the water composition change drastically the corrosion behavior of the steel in theses media as for example the chloride concentration, the nature of filtration media (activated carbon, sand, glass microbead...), the temperature or the conductivity of the media. The impressed current cathodic protection has few industrial standards for this kind of field of work. The goal of this thesis is establishing specification at an industrial level for steel coating adapted to the impressed current cathodic protection method.

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