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Innovative Dual-detection sensor for Environmental monitoring of metAL in WATER


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ANR - Agence Nationale de la Recherche

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Accurate monitoring of trace metals in water is of outmost importance for the environment preservation and for human health. Therefore, there are increasing concerns to develop novel and robust portable sensors in order to control their levels. IDEALWATER project aims to design a novel in-situ device based on fluorescence and electrochemical dual-mode detection to measure trace metal ions in natural water. The advantage of such chemosensors combining dual transduction mode is that they can ensure enhanced diagnostic accuracy by data coupling, mutual verification and elimination of interferences. IDEALWATER project will target lead, cadmium and copper as trace metals representative of various contaminated environmental waters in France and worldwide. Selective detection of these latter metals will be achieved by functionalizing working electrodes with original ion imprinted polymers (IIPs) as recognition elements. IIPs are materials able to selectively recognize a target ion used for their synthesis. For IDEALWATER project, smart IIPs will be specially designed in order to provide a fluorescence signal correlated to the metals binding, and will accumulate metals for the electrochemical measurement. Combining these unique polymers with the double fluorescence and electrochemical detection on a same platform designed to be incorporated in a fluidic device aims to provide accurate, selective, sensitive and portable sensors. These detectors will be capable to evaluate trace metal levels in natural water quickly with no need for any additional step such as sampling and storage. They will represent a versatile platform for other metal detections by adapting the IIP synthesis to other targets.

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LCE - Aix-Marseille University

MIO - University of Toulon

LGC - Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier University

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