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Proposition de mini-colloque pour les Journées de la Matière Condensée 2024 à Marseille du 28 au 31 octobre : Physical Chemistry of plastics pollution: detection and analysis of micro- and nano-plastics, degradation mechanisms, interaction with environment and life

Organisers: Alexandre Merlen (MAPIEM, Toulon), Véronique Lenoble (MIO, Toulon)

Plastics particles can be found in water (sea and rivers), in soils and in the air and this environmental problematic has led to consider plastic as an emerging pollutant. The resulting products of plastic degradation are going from microparticles (size lower than 5 mm) to nanoparticles (size lower than 1 micrometer) and can extend to potentially volatile and soluble molecules.

Many studies about this emerging pollution have been reported in the fields of environment, ecology and more specifically eco-toxicity. They have shown that plastic pollution can be found everywhere in the environment and has a real impact on ecosystems and living organisms. Nonetheless, the still too rare contribution of physico-chemists, specialists of polymers, could help answering key questions:

The objective of this session is to present a state of the art on those important questions where interdisciplinarity between condensed matter physics and other scientific fields is highly relevant.

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