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Synthesis of diblock copolymers by the RAFT process : Application for FRC/SPC hybrid marine antifouling coatings

LEJARS Marlène Axis 1

Beginning: 2009
Defence: October 22, 2012

Supervisor: MARGAILLAN André
Co-Supervisor: BRESSY Christine

Two main types of antifouling coatings are present on the market: - The Self-Polishing Coatings (SPC): they are based on hydrolysable polymer binders and their antifouling efficiency relies on the release of biocides in the marine surrounding. Unfortunately, they are toxic for the marine environment- The Fouling Release Coatings (FRC): these hydrophobic silicone-based coatings limit the adhesion strength of fouling organisms and are biocide-free. Nevertheless, they are not efficient during idle periods.The aim of this study is to develop FRC/SPC hybrid antifouling coatings. Thus, diblock polymers both hydrolysable and with a low surface energy have been synthesized and characterized, then used as binders for the formulation of antifouling coatings.Polymerization by the RAFT process has been used to synthesize well-architectured polymers with controlled molecular weights. Two different approaches have been considered:- Polymers have been synthesized from low surface energy and hydrolysable monomers ((heptamethyl-trisiloxy)dimethylsilyl methacrylate and bis(trimethylsilyloxy)methylsilyl methacrylate) and a co-monomer of methyl or butyl methacrylate. It has been demonstrated that the diblock copolymers exhibit a lower surface energy than the statistical copolymers.- Polymers have been synthesized from hydrolysable monomers (tert-butyldimethylsilyl methacrylate) and low surface energy monomers (poly(dimethylsiloxane) methacrylate).The erosion properties (SPC-type) and the hydrophobicity (FRC-type) have been studied for both the binders and the formulated coatings, before and during their immersion in artificial seawater. The antifouling efficiency of the formulated coatings has been evaluated during their in-situ immersion in the Mediterranean Sea.

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