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Screening of bromotyramine analogues as antifouling compounds against marine bacteria

Publication Focus

Andjouh, S.; Blache, Y. Screening of Bromotyramine Analogues as Antifouling Compounds against Marine Bacteria. Biofouling 2016, 32 (8), 871–881

Abstract :

Rapid and efficient synthesis of 23 analogues inspired by bromotyramine derivatives, marine natural products, by means of CuSO4-catalysed [3+2] alkyne–azide cycloaddition is described. The final target was then assayed for anti-biofilm activity against three Gram-negative marine bacteria, Pseudoalteromonas ulvae (TC14), Pseudoalteromonas lipolytica (TC8) and Paracoccus sp. (4M6). Most of the synthesised bromotyramine/triazole derivatives are more active than the parent natural products Moloka’iamine (A) and 3,5-dibromo-4-methoxy-β-phenethylamine (B) against biofilm formation by the three bacterial strains. Some of these compounds were shown to act as non-toxic inhibitors of biofilm development with EC50 < 200 μM without any effect on bacterial growth even at high concentrations (200 μM).

Keywords :

Antifouling, bacterial biofilm, bromotyramine derivatives, triazole, click chemistry

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