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Hydrogel-clay hybrid materials for pesticide and nutrient retention

ELHADJ Yacoub Durability & Functional materials - Interfaces/Interphases: Ageing and Adaptability (IIAA)

Beginning: 01/09/2017

Supervisors: PERRIN Fran├žois-Xavier


Innovative strategies for water and soil protection that can replace sanitation processes that consume time, energy and resources with environmentally friendly products, which can ensure that the savings of energy and stress become stricter. The main interest of this project is to promote such innovation for public and private practitioners and increase industrial competitiveness through economically sustainable technologies in the field of agriculture and indirectly in the administration of water. On this account, this project will develop protective composite layers with high efficiency against groundwater and soil pollution, but without affecting the growth of plants.

The main objective of this work is to address the multidisciplinary aspects, uniting the disciplines of advanced materials science, chemical engineering, pedology, water sciences and eco-biotechnology to develop composite layers containing innovative hydrogel-clay hybrids immobilized between two geotextile layers.

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