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Characterization of the metabolomic production and physico-chemical properties of marine biofilms

CARRIOT Nathan Biofilms & Antifouling - Microbial & Chemical Ecology of marine Biofilms (MCEB)

Beginning: November 2018

Supervisors: CULIOLI GĂ©rald, ORTALO-MAGNE Annick


The biofouling phenomenon is a natural process that impacts all submerged surfaces in the marine environment, whether natural or man-made. It corresponds to the colonization of these surfaces by a wide range of marine organisms involving not only microorganisms (bacteria, microalgae ...) but also macrocolonizers, such as algae or invertebrates (bryozoans, crustaceans ...). Because of the economic costs that biofouling engenders by the deterioration and the obligation of maintenance of the marine infrastructures, it constitutes a major problem on a planetary scale.
The aim of this thesis will be to continue the methodological developments recently initiated at the MAPIEM laboratory, in other words to characterize, initially, the global metabolic production (combined analyzes of metabolites and EPS) of biofilms formed in vitro by model strains of marine bacteria from the MAPIEM laboratory (TC: Toulon Collection). The originality of the studies envisaged in this thesis project lies in the correlations that can be made between the matrix component (EPS) of biofilms and their production in metabolites, and between the biochemical composition of biofilms (EPS and metabolites) and their macroscopic properties (physicochemical and mechanical).

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