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Gestione dei reflui per il miglioramento delle acque portuali

GEREMIA Gestion des effluents pour l’amélioration des eaux portuaires




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Short Overview:

GEREMIA’s general objective is to train and support, through innovative tools, the harbour’s stakeholders. The harmonization of the workpackages dedicated to detection, monitoring, analysis on wide scale and modelling will lead to a Decison Support System (DSS), specifically developped for harbour waters. GEREMIA will allow not only provide an innovative management strategies but also their application in various harbours: Toulon, Olbia, La Spezia and Genova.
In this project, the MAPIEM Laboratory is involved in the elaboration of a copper(II) ion sensor for the monitoring of this pollutant in harbours. Novel ion-imprinted polymers for copper will be designed in order to serve as recognition phases in the sensor.

Involved MAPIEM Permanent Members:


Laboratoire MIO (Université de Toulon)

Université de Gênes (Italy)

Service écologie du Port de Gênes (Italy)

Port de Ligurie Orientale (Italy)

ISPRA (Livourne, Italy)

IAMC-CNR (Sardaigne, Italy)

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