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National Congress of Research of IUT - CNRIUT’2019


The National Congress of Research of IUT (University Technology Institutes) "CNRIUT’2019" takes place this year in Toulon, on June 6th and 7th.

The spirit of this congress is based on the sharing of knowledge through the diversity of topics covered by the Teachers-Researchers from IUTs. The usual oral lectures and poster sessions will be punctuated by 6 plenary lectures. 

BRIAND Jean-François, Assistant Professor at MAPIEM, will give a plenary lecture on Diversity and control of marine biofilms.

Laboratoire MAPIEM (UR 4323) - https://mapiem.univ-tln.fr/National-Congress-of-Research-of-IUT-CNRIUT-2019.html - mapiem@univ-tln.fr