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Study of the biofilm on renewable marine structures

PORTAS Aurélie Biofilms & Antifouling - Microbial & Chemical Ecology of marine Biofilms (MCEB)

Beginning: October 2019

Supervisors: CULIOLI Gérald, BRIAND Jean-François


Biofouling is defined as the colonization of submerged surfaces in the marine environment by micro and macro organisms. It is the source of many harmful effects on ships, oceanographic equipment or RME structures [renewable marine energy like offshore wind turbines]. Indeed, for these structures, and more particularly offshore wind turbines, biocolonization represents a challenge for engineers during the design phases; and the lack of information on biocolonization in this context can lead to oversizing of RME structures. While this problem has been addressed for offshore oil and gas applications, it has not been explored further since the need for optimization was lower. The major difficulty is that these data are "site-specific" and, at the level of each site, often "surface-specific". As part of the ABIOP + project (CoReD 2018, FEM / Investissements d’Avenir), the objective of this thesis will be to better understand the colonization mechanisms specific to offshore wind sites.

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