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Atomic Force Microscope (BRUKER AXS - multimode 8)

AFM microscopy provides high resolution 2D and 3D images by scanning a physical sharp probe over a sample surface. The microscope has several scanning modes available: Tapping mode, Contact mode and PeakForce QNM (Quantitative NanoMechanics). The latest one (PF-QNM) enables quantitative measurements of nano-scale material properties such as modulus, adhesion, deformation and dissipation.

Our AFM microscope is equipped with a Thermal Analysis accessory (Nano-TA), which allows to locally characterize the thermal behavior of materials.

The analysis can be done on many types of samples: metals, polymer, composite, adsorbed molecules, thin films, biofilms and cells. AFM manipulations can be released in ambient and liquid environments.


- 2D and 3D topography observation with very high resolution
- Surface roughness measurement (Rq, Ra, max. z range 4 ┬Ám)
- Simultaneous topography, adhesive, mechanical and deformation mappings
- Thermal mapping (Tg, Tm) of the surface
- Characterization of adhesion and friction properties at the nanoscale

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