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Special Issue: Synthesis and Antifouling Applications of Polymer Films and Coatings

Special Issue

Christine BRESSY and André MARGAILLAN are guest editors for the Special Issue Synthesis and Antifouling Applications of Polymer Films and Coatings, of the journal Materials, an Open Access Journal by MDPI.

Message from the Guest Editors

This Special Issue will highlight research efforts in developing coatings or polymer films to protect structures immersed in the marine environment against biofouling. The ambition of this Special Issue is to bring experts from around the world providing the latest basic and applied research advances in chemistry, physical chemistry, coatings, and materials for this purpose. Over the recent past, research into novel antifouling or fouling release polymers and coatings has gained significant attention. This Special Issue will focus on key challenges in inhibiting biofouling colonization by designing materials with tailored surface chemistry, topography, and bioactivity. Themes on biodegradable or hydrolyzable polymers, bioinspired synthetic antifouling coatings, biomimetic approaches imitating topographical patterns of a marine organism’s surface, smart coatings or engineered surfaces will be included.

Submission deadline

June 30th, 2021

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