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BRIAND Jean-François

Status: Associate Professor (MCF-HDR)
Research Axis: Microbial Ecology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Biofilms - Microbial & Chemical Ecology of Marine Biofilms (MCEB)

Research Topics

  • marine biofilm and biofouling
  • antifouling coatings
  • artificial and algae surfaces
  • microbial ecology
  • bioassay

Scientific Productions:

Publications :

Conferences and communications :

Book Chapters :

  • - Chemistry of Functional Polymers - PMAS - MEBMB
    Bressy Christine, Briand Jean-François, Compère Chantal, Réhel Karine
    Efficacy testing of biocides and biocidal coatings
    Biofouling Methods, Editeur(s): S. Dobretsov, D. N. Williams & J. C. Thomason, Wiley-Blackwell (2014), 332-346.
BRIAND Jean-François



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