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Conference of Prof. THOMAS, "Marine Biodiscovery in Ireland"


Professor Olivier P. THOMAS from the University of Galway in Ireland is present at MAPIEM as visiting professor.

He will present a conference entitled "Marine Biodiscovery in Ireland" on Friday 21st June 2019, at 10:00 to 11:00 AM in the Salle du Conseil, Building X.


At this conference we will discuss different aspects of marine natural substances research that we are carryiing out in Ireland. First of all, we will emphasize the importance of structuring at a national level and the importance of sharing data for help with de-replication. Then we will discuss the first results we obtained on Irish marine invertebrates, especially on marine worms that produce original sulfur compounds. Finally we will discuss the latest advances in molecular networks, their contributions but also their limitations.

Conference of Prof. THOMAS, "Marine Biodiscovery in Ireland"