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Interfaces / Interphases : Ageing and Adaptability (IIAA)


The prediction of composite materials or coatings degradation in marine environment is one of the challenging project of our group. Being able to increase their durability is another crucial issue.

To achieve these objectives, we focus our studies on interfacial areas which are often the weak point of any assembly or heterogeneous material, especially under combined environmental stresses. A multi-scale approach based on specific characterization methods operating from sub-micron scale (SEM, AFM, nano Thermal Analysis) to macroscopic scale is developed. The degradation mechanisms of these areas are partially identified but their kinetics must be established. The aim is to develop analytical and numerical to improve the prediction of heterogeneous materials behavior in various environments. Such tools could also help in the design of interphases more resistant to ageing. Another way of improving materials durability is to design and study model interphases in confined conditions. Several approaches with dynamic reversible covalent bonds for instance or systems activable autonomously or by an external stimulus (temperature, radiation, pH, redox chemistry) will be considered.

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Interfaces / Interphases : Ageing and Adaptability (IIAA)


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