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Wetting Test (KRUSS - DSA30)

The DSA30 instrument is used for the precise measurements of contact angle and surface free energy (SFE) allowing wetting and adhesion studies on solid surfaces.

Tasks and applications

  • Characterization of surface pre-treatment processes
  • Investigation of the adhesion and stability of bonding and coating processes
  • Checking the wettability of materials
  • Checking surface cleanliness

Measuring methods and options

  • Contact angle between a liquid and a solid
  • Surface free energy from contact angles of several test liquids using all common models
  • Static contact angle, advancing angle and receding angle
  • Measurement of surface tension and liquid-liquid interfacial tension using the Pendant Drop method
  • Measurements on inclined surfaces


  • Tilting table
  • Captive bubble device
    The captive bubble method is a special arrangement for measuring the contact angle between a liquid and a solid using drop shape analysis. Instead of placing a drop on the solid as in the case of the sessile drop, a bubble of air is injected beneath a solid, the surface of which is located in the liquid.

Wetting Test (KRUSS - DSA30)


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