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Matériaux Polymères Interfaces Environnement Marin

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Improvement and durability of mechanical performance of an eco-designed solution by large-scale additive manufacturing

NUNEZ Mélina
Durability & Functional materials - Interfaces/Interphases: Ageing and Adaptability (IIAA)


To meet the needs of the water sports community (sailing, diving, surfing, etc.) for products with as neutral an ecological footprint as possible, it is urgent to offer alternatives to traditional solutions. It is in this context that this thesis subject was born, with the aim of using new technologies (3D printing, recycled materials, etc.) to remove technical and scientific barriers and respond to the societal challenge. The objectives are the following:

  • To improve the knowledge of the mechanical behaviour of bio-sourced, recyclable and recycled materials that can be used in the 3D printing process, both in their initial state and in their aged state (physico-chemical and mechanical aging).
  • To improve the quality and reproducibility of complex structures developed by 3D printing on the basis of parametric studies and experimental characterizations in the laboratory, then in the marine environment.
  • Identify new geometries optimised for a weight/performance/durability criterion using numerical tools at different scales.


Composite materials, Durability, Additive manufacturing, Optimisation