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Matériaux Polymères Interfaces Environnement Marin

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Stop alle Plastiche in H2O!

Acronym: SPLASH




[Programme MARITTIMO Interreg Italie-France Maritime]

Short Overview:

SpLASH, via pluridisciplinary methodologies, aims to retrieve data on microplastics occurrence at the surface but also in the seawater column, the superficial sediments and biotic compartiments. In addition, like all surfaces immersed in marine environments, microplastics are quickly colonized by microorganisms that lead to 3D structures called biofilms. Their characteristics are associated to both surface and environmental parameters, including contaminants. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate that biofilms could be involved in contaminant accumulation on microplastics. During the project, we aim to undergo a first characterization of the biofilms on plastics including metals quantification in order to understand if and how they are involved in metals accumulation.

Involved MAPIEM permanent members:


[MIO (S. Mounier, V. Lenoble & D. Sous)]

[Université de Gênes (Italie)]

[European Research Institute Onlus (Italie)]

Stop alle Plastiche in H2O!


Date de début : 19/09/2018
Date de fin : 19/09/2020