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Anticorrosion Systems (ACS)


Protective coatings; multifunctional pigments ; hybrid coatings; smart coatings ; self-healing; marine corrosion; Paint , artificial weathering ;multiscale analysis


Metallic corrosion is a global problem with a substantial economic impact. Corrosion can be slowed, managed or even stopped in almost all situations by using the proper corrosion protection method. Research activity of MAPIEM laboratory in this field include

  • the development of environmentally safe methods of corrosion protection : viable alternatives to carcinogenic chrome VI coatings, chrome free conversion layers, synthesis of active multifunctional pigments by bottom-up and top-down methods, eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors, waterborne coatings, barrier coatings incorporating 2D fillers such as clay
  • study of the adhesion properties of metal-polymer assemblies such as metal-coatings or metal-elastomer assemblies and adhesion improvement using silane coupling agents
  • study of the durability of paint in marine or other aggressive environments : predict the lifespan of paint, study the molecular processes of paint degradation (nature, amount and distribution of the paint components) and their effect on the macroscopic properties; correlation between natural and artificial aging tests.
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Anticorrosion Systems (ACS)


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