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Enzymatic Coatings Inhibiting Fouling and Corrosion

Acronym: RESSAC


ANR Astrid

Short Overview:

This project will aim to set up enzyme based formulations to develop antifouling (AF) and anticorrosion coatings. The use of the enzyme SsoPox lactonase is of prime interest as it acts by preventing bacterial communication without killing bacteria. The enzyme also presents a very limited toxicity unlike other anti-bacterial agents classically used in AF paints such as copper. URMITE and MAPIEM have decided to collaborate to set up a technological breakthrough that would be both efficient and environmentally friendly. An experimental approach to determine how the enzyme impacts microbial communities in vitro and in situ will lead to a better understanding of the lactonase mode of action and consequently to adapt formulations for a larger scale evaluation campaign.

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Enzymatic Coatings Inhibiting Fouling and Corrosion


Date de début : 01/01/2018
Date de fin : 30/06/2021